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For those of you who didn’t catch the news, we were forced to make a move to another shop unit in Ocean Terminal at very short notice back in October. Roughly 2500 books had to be packed up and shelving purchased and all the while, I was laid up with a leg injury, unable to leave the house! Some wonderful volunteers filled over 30 boxes of donated books and moved them to what I now call the bookcave.

The unit has no secure shutters, so we are hiding behind decal ‘skins’. No member of the public passing by has any idea that there are bookshelves and a book wumman behind the skins. At night, I drag a bookcase across and put our banner in place so anyone straying into the unit can’t see the books. It’s not perfect security, but it’s the best we can do.

Our most stalwart volunteers unfortunately have moved on since we moved. So many of the books have lain unpacked. The importance of having every book shelved alphabetically and by genre can’t be over stated. When a box of books is packed to go out to homeless readers, it saves a lot of time if you can go straight to the appropriate shelf. And, as we pick with particular readers in mind, knowing exactly where the shiniest, most perfect books for them are on the shelves is vital.

This week, we have some helpers coming to lick those shelves into shape. Our aim is always to give our readers the best and widest possible choice of books. Having shelves in perfect order is the way to do that.

Right, head torch on and back to the coal/bookface….